ELECTRICITAS (Atmospheric and Static)

Description :
Caspari and his colleagues obtained the symptoms caused by Electricity, natural and artificial, and were first published in Hom. Bibliot. Later it appears in Jahr and has recently been republished, with additions by Clarke. Every medical man knows the extreme susceptibility of some persons to the electric fluid and the sufferings they experience on the approach of, and during, a thunder-storm, or the contact of an electric current.
The potencies are prepared from milk sugar which has been saturated with the current.

Characteristics :
Intense nervous anxiety ; timid, fearful, sighing ; screams through nervous fear ; paroxysms of weeping.
Dreads the approach of a thunder-storm ; suffers mental torture before and during and electric storm.
Heaviness and paralysis of limbs and entire body ; feels as if she weighed a ton.
Electricity should not be used nor electro-thermal baths taken when suffering from a cold, especially if the chest be involved ; fatal results have followed.

Relations :
Antidote : Morphia acetate, especially the potency.
Clarke says : "I have found Phosphorus the best antidote to the effects of storms."

Compare :
The X-ray, Psor., Tub. to remove the susceptibility.



Mind :
Weeping, timid, fearful ; sighing, crying out through nervous fear.
Paroxysms of oppressive anxiety.
Violent uneasiness ; anxious, restless.
Dread at the approach of a thunder-storm ; fear, internal anguish, especially of chest ; nervous agitation.
Involuntary hysterical laughter.
Unable to comprehend time.
Comprehension slow and difficult.
Suffers mental torture before and during and electric storm.
Loss of memory.

Sensorium :
Loss of consciousness.
Loss of sensibility.
Looking around with haggard eyes.
Dullness of head.
Giddiness, especially on stooping.

Head :
Headache, pressure in the forehead, from above downwards, as from a stone.
Darting from the vertex to the right side of the head.
Tearing from the nape of the neck to the forehead.
Painful spasms in the head.
Sore pain in the occiput.
Disagreeable shocks, generally in the occiput.
Roaring in the whole sinciput.
Sensation of torpor in right side of head.

Outer Head :
Prickings in the scalp.
Undulating sensation under the scalp.
Feeling of coldness on the vertex.
Stinging itching of the head and thighs.
The growth of the hair is considerably promoted.

Eyes :
Gnawing in the left eye, or violent drawing, extending to the forehead.
Sensation as if the eyes were deep in the head.
Sensation as if something would come out of the eyeball.
Inflammation of the eyes ; profuse lachrymation.
Wild rolling of the eyeballs.
Contraction of the morbidly-enlarged pupils.
Improved sight (cur. effect).
Black point before the right eye.
Everything looks yellow.
A dark room looks as if brightly illumined.

Ears :
Darting in the right ear, from the throat.
Drawing from the jaws into the ears.
Redness and warmth of the ear.
Swelling of the inner ear.
Suppuration and small ulcers in the meatus auditorius.
Blisters behind the ears full of an acrid fluid.
Whizzing in the ears, or sensation as if obstructed by a plug.

Nose :
Tingling in the nose, or pressing from within outwards.
loss of smell.
Discharge of a milky fluid from the nose.

Face :
Expression of terror in the countenance.
Swelling of the face.
Scurf in the face, on the arms and body.
Large blisters on the cheeks.
Chapped lips.
Eruption around the mouth and chin.

Teeth :
Tearing in the upper teeth, proceeding from the head.
Pain as from subcutaneous ulceration in old sockets of the molar teeth.
Rapid growth of teeth.

Mouth and Pharynx :
Soreness of the inner cheek.
Increased secretion of saliva.
Foam at the mouth.
The tongue is very sensitive, particularly at the tip.
Swelling of the tongue.

Throat :
Loss of speech, inability to articulate.
Blisters on the palate, the epidermis becoming detached.
Constant titillation in the throat.
Inflammation of the pharynx.

Appetite :
Increased appetite.

Stomach, Nausea and Vomiting :
Nausea, also after a meal.
Desire to vomit.
Vomiting with sore throat.

Stomach :
Sense of repletion in the stomach, after a slight meal.
Spasmodic contraction of the stomach.

Abdomen :
Cutting in the abdomen at the approach of a thunder-storm.

Stools :
Black-yellow, liquid stools, having a fetid smell.
Drawing up of the testes during stool.
Constriction of the anus, after stool.
Violent pressing in the anus (during menses).
Burning at the anus.
Flowing hemorrhoids.

Urinary Organs :
Sensation as if the bladder would burst.
Frequent micturition.
Incontinence of urine.
Discharge of blood with the urine.

Female Sexual Organs :
Appearance of the menses (while in the electric bath).
Black and thick menstrual blood.
Profuse menses, with pressing in rectum.
Leucorrhśa, first thin, then thick, with coagula of the size of a hazel nut.

Larynx and Trachea :
Cough with violent titillation in the throat and pressing in the forehead from within outward.

Respiration :
Panting breathing.
Asthma all one's life, with palpitation of the heart and disposition to faint.

Chest :
Chilliness in the left side of the chest.
Palpitations of the heart, with fever, or with headache, or with oppressive anxiety and bright-red face.
Painful quick movement from the region of the heart through the chest.
Chest and arms become stiff, almost paralyzed ; unable to walk.
Heaviness and stiffness of chest and shoulders, felt like marble.

Back :
Creeping in the spine.
Boils in the back and nape of the neck.
Drawing through the scapula as with a thread.
Formication in a muscle which had become shortened by suppuration.
Stinging in a swollen cervical gland.

Upper Limbs :
Tearing in the right shoulder, going off in the warmth of the bed.
Frightful pains in the arms and lower limbs.
Jerking or tearing in the joints of the arms and hands.
Paralysis of the arms.
Swelling of one arm.
Crusty ulcers on the arms and lower limbs.
Violent jerking in the upper arm.
Trembling of the hands.
Swelling of the hand, also red, or sudden.
Red, smooth spot on the hand.
Whitish, itching spot in the palm of the right hand.
Feeling of numbness in the tips of the fingers.
Blister filled with a greenish, sanguineous fluid on the finger which discharges the bottle.

Lower Limbs :
Sensation in the thigh as if the flesh had become detached from the bone.
Tottering of the knees.
Tingling in the knees down to the foot.
Red, burning spot as if sore on the knee, or also itching elevation on the knee.
Tingling or languor in the tibić.
Red spots on the skin.
Burning in the feet, up to the knees, particularly at night.
Coldness of the lower extremities up to the abdomen, in summer, during a cool wind.
Trembling and feeling of weariness in the feet.
Sense of numbness and distension in the feet, and as if they had gone to sleep.
Tingling in the soles of the feet.
Sensation as of a broad ring around the malleoli.
Feet would patter rapidly on the floor during a thunder-storm, could not be controlled even by husband sitting on knees.
Intense suffering of electric shocks through left foot and entire left side of body to head, repeated at every discharge during a thunder-storm.

Sleep :
Yawning, with shuddering over the whole body.
Sleeplessness for two months.

Fever :
Shuddering over the body, every morning with yawning.
Chilliness, then dry, short heat.
Frequent alternation of chilliness and heat, with sore throat.
Chilliness with profuse sweat, with painful spasms in the head and along the back.
Warmth in the parts which were touched by the electric stroke.
Heat through the whole body, with chilliness on motion.
Heat in the parts which had been touched by the sparks.
Pulse intermittent.
Pulse quick and strong.
Accelerated circulation.
Excessive night sweat in an arthritic individual, without relief ; sweat with anxiety during a thunder-storm.

Skin :
Itching or tingling over the whole body.
Violent pains and swelling of the foot which had been frozen twelve years ago.
Red pimples on the spot touched by the sparks.
White vesicles.
Itch-like eruption in the joints.
The skin becomes blackish.

General Symptoms :
Pains in the limbs.
Drawing through all the limbs, extending to the tips of the fingers and toes.
Shock through the whole body, proceeding from the malar bone.
Tingling in the electrified parts.
Violent burning of the parts which are in contact with the chain.
General languor after a meal.
Relaxation of the nerves and muscles.

Stiffness of the limbs.
Paralysis of single limbs, particularly the lower.
Trembling of the limbs, particularly of those which have received the shock.
Subsultus tendinum.
Painful spasms along the back from below upward.
St. Vitus' dance.
Aggravation of the epileptic fits.
Intense suffering with paralysis of nervous and muscular system.
Heavy sensation as if she weighed a ton.
The following are reported by Seward (Trans. C. N. Y. S., Medical Advance, 1891, p. 150) :
A lady had taken electricity for partial paralysis of left arm.
During a thunder-storm felt severe electric shocks through the left foot, the entire left side of the body to the head, repeated at every severe electric discharge, which left that side and limbs painful for days.
The previous electrical treatment had rendered her more susceptible and its injurious effects will often last for years, or even during life, unless antidoted.
A young lady took an electro-thermal bath when she had a cold, and acute tuberculosis soon developed.
She died in spite of the best homśopathic treatment.
A lady who had passed the climacteric had taken electrical treatment, at first going to the office.
Soon she became too weak to walk, her chest became weak and painful, and the arms stiffened and almost paralyzed ; the entire body heavy and weak.
A young married woman had been under general and local electrical uterine treatment for several weeks, without benefit ; complained of feeling so heavy, as though she "weighed a ton."
A woman received an atmopheric electric shock six or seven years before, and since had suffered in every electrical storm, even while it was miles away.
It affected the whole body, but was worse in the lower extremities.
During every storm her feet would "patter" upon the floor, and her husband, sitting upon her knees, could not prevent it.
She received three or four doses of Morphia acet. 200, and has never felt such effects from a storm since, now more than ten years.
My son, during the effects of a common cold, took and electrothermal bath.
Soon after felt a heaviness and stiffness of chest and shoulders he had never felt before ; "his chest and shoulders felt like marble."
An incurable tuberculosis developed and he died in tow years.
Did not know he had taken bath for over a year after.

A brother of Dr. Hawley, while in New York in Nov., 1890, took a severe cold, followed by rheumatic fever ; was treated homśopathically, without relief ; advised to try electro-thermal baths, and became worse.

Was removed to Syracuse and was under care of Drs. Hawley, Miller and Seward, with little or no benefit.

His sufferings were intense, his voluntary muscular and nervous systems were paralyzed by electricity, could neither move nor feed himself.
Was taken to his home in Illinois, and in May, six months later, could walk a little by dragging his feet.

He fell, and had hemorrhage from the lungs.
The doctor said there was no hope for a cure and gave him Morphine, as a palliation, in water.

In a few minutes after the first dose he said : "I can use my hands better than at any time since the electrical treatment," and under the antidote recovered.