Mind :
Taciturn, sulky, snappish, fretty, irritable, morose, depressed and melancholic even to insanity.
Fretful ailing, whines and complains ; mind given to be frightened, particularly by dogs.

Head :
Severe headache, deep in, recurring from time to time, compelling quiet fixedness ; < shaking head.
Terrible pain in head as if he had a tight hoop of iron around it ; trembling of hands ; sensation of damp clothes on spine ; absolute sleeplessness.
Alopecia areata.

Eyes :
Eczematous condition of eyelids.

Face :
Indolent, angry pimples on left cheek, breaking out from time to time and persisting for many weeks.

Teeth :
Aching in teeth, especially lower incisors (all sound), felt at the roots, especially on raising or projecting lower lip ; very sensitive to air.
Grinds teeth in sleep.
Imperfectly developed teeth.

Throat :
Tickling in fauces, compelling cough.

Stomach :
Windy dyspepsia, with pinching pains under ribs of right side in mammary line.

Abdomen :
Fever, emaciation, abdominal pains and discomfort, restless at night, glands of both groins enlarged and indurated ; cries out in sleep ; strawberry tongue.
Tabes mesenterica ; talks in sleep, grinds teeth ; appetite poor ; hands blue ; indurated and palpable glands everywhere ; drum belly ; spleen region bulging out.
Inguinal glands indurated and visible ; excessive sweats ; chronic diarrhœa.

Stool and Anus :
Sudden diarrhœa before breakfast, with nausea.
Severe hemorrhages from bowels, cough.
Obstinate constipation.
Passes much ill-smelling flatus.
Stitchlike pain through piles.

Urinary Organs :
Increased quantity of urine, pale, with white sediment.
Has to rise several times in night to urinate.

Respiratory Organs :
Slight, tedious, hacking cough.
Hard cough, shaking patient, more during sleep, but it did not waken him.
Pricking in larynx with sudden cough.
Single cough on rising from bed in morning.
Cough waking him in night, easy expectoration.
Expectoration of non-viscid easily detached, thick phlegm from air passages, followed after a day or two by a very clear ring of voice.
Sharp pain in precordial region arresting breathing.
Very sharp pain in left scapula, < lying down in bed at night, > by warmth.

Neck and Back :

Glands of neck enlarged and tender.

Lower Limbs :
Pain in left knee whilst walking ; passed off after perseverance in walking for a short distance.
Tubercular inflammation of knee.

Generalities :
Great weakness, did not want to be disturbed.

Sleep :
Drowsy during day ; restless at night ; many dreams.

Fever :
Flush of heat (soon after the dose) some perspiration, severe headache deep in.