Our Process

Material Sources

Perensis was founded from the aspiration of Homeopaths to craft remedies for themselves and to establish an authentic source of remedies derived directly from material substances. This vision persists, and Perensis remains dedicated to sourcing high-quality remedy materials while upholding the precision of its potentization techniques. We continuously enhance our range of remedies with the aim of offering Perensis-sourced products spanning from the lowest to the highest potencies. Presently, we boast a distinctive and extensive range of over 3000 potentised substances, reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation in homeopathy.

The majority of our mother tinctures are sourced from qualified and reputable homeopathic tincture suppliers based in the UK. These suppliers adhere to stringent quality standards and ethical practices, ensuring the integrity and purity of the materials used in our remedies.

Our sourcing process encompasses a diverse range of natural substances, including plants, animals, sarcodes, nosodes, and minerals. Each category offers unique properties and benefits, contributing to the holistic approach of homeopathic medicine.

  • Plants: We procure plant-based substances from organic and sustainable sources, including various botanical extracts such as Arnica montana, Calendula officinalis, and Rhus toxicodendron.
  • Animals: Our animal-derived remedies are obtained ethically and responsibly, often from healthy animal tissues. Examples include remedies derived from honeybees (Apis mellifica) and cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis).
  • Sarcodes: Sarcodes are homeopathic remedies prepared from healthy animal tissues or secretions, including Thyroidinum and Adrenalium.
  • Nosodes: Nosodes are homeopathic preparations made from pathological or diseased tissues, excretions, or secretions, including Tuberculinum and Influenzinum.
  • Minerals: Mineral-derived remedies are prepared from naturally occurring minerals and salts, including remedies such as Calcarea carbonica, Natrum muriaticum, and Silicea.


Potentisation, a fundamental process in homeopathy, involves the stepwise dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking) of substances to enhance their therapeutic properties while reducing their material concentration. This method is based on the principle that highly diluted substances, when prepared according to specific protocols, can stimulate the body's self-healing mechanisms.

The process of potentisation typically begins with a mother tincture, which is the concentrated form of the original substance obtained through maceration or extraction. The mother tincture is then diluted with a solvent, usually alcohol or water, in precise ratios. These dilutions are often expressed using the decimal (X or D) or centesimal (C or CH) scales, indicating the degree of dilution.

For example, a 1X (or 1D) potency represents a 1:10 dilution, while a 1C (or 1CH) potency represents a 1:100 dilution. Higher potencies involve further dilution steps, often reaching levels where the original substance is no longer detectable in the final product.

In addition to dilution, each dilution step is accompanied by succussion, which involves vigorous shaking or striking of the container against a firm surface. Succussion is believed to impart dynamic energy to the solution, enhancing its therapeutic effects.

The process of potentisation is iterative, with each dilution and succussion cycle believed to enhance the remedy's potency and efficacy. Homeopaths believe that through this process, the energetic imprint or essence of the original substance is transferred to the solvent, making it more potent and effective in stimulating the body's vital force to initiate healing.

At Perensis, we adhere to the principles of potentisation with precision and care, ensuring that each remedy is prepared according to established protocols and standards. Through our meticulous approach to potentisation, we strive to offer remedies of the highest quality and efficacy, supporting our customers on their journey towards optimal health and well-being.