Description :
Potencies made from the gonorrheal virus. There are two preparations ; the acute and chronic. From the virus of the acute stage to the chronic, or gleet stage, both of which are supposed to contain the gonococcus.
Introduced by Swan.
Provings by Swan, Ren Dell, C. H. Allen, Finch, Norton, Frost, Farrington, Cleveland, Laura Morgan, Berridge, Wilder, Higgins, Ostrom, Nichols, Peace, Sawyer, Carr. Bigler. Macdonald, in Great Britain, and Noegerath and Lydston, in American, have published fatal cases, and the effects of the poison. The symptoms produced by the virus in acute cases have been included in the pathogenesis, just as the toxic symptoms of Arsenic, Mercurius, Opium and Plumbum are included in the pathogenesis. The potentizing of the virus has developed latent dynamic forces, which is just as effective in homeopathic practice, prescribed strictly on its symptomatological basis as any other remedy. If the symptoms of the patient call for this remedy it should be prescribed with the same confidence as any other in the Materia Medica, entirely irrespective of the sycotic history in the case. Like every other nosode, it should be prescribed according to its strict indications, just as we prescribe Arsenic, Opium or Sulphur, irrespective of its origin or the diagnosis.
We append the following graphic description on the effects of :

Mind :
Great weakness of memory.
Dullness of memory and desire to procrastinate, because business seemed so lasting, or as if it never could be accomplished.
Entirely forgot what she had read, even previous line.
Forgetfulness of names, later of words and initial letters.
Cannot remember names ; has to ask name of her most intimate friend ; forgets her own.
Cannot spell right ; wonders how the word "how" is spelled.
Reads a letter and thinks the words look queer and are spelled wrong.
Time moves too slowly.
Dazed feeling ; a far off sensation, as though things done today occurred a week ago.
Momentary loss of thought, caused by sensation of tightness in brain.
Loses constantly the thread of her talk.
In conversation he would occasionally stop, and on resuming make remark that he could not think what word he wanted to use.
Seems to herself to make wrong statements, because she does not know what to say next, begins all right but does not know how to finish ; weight on vertex, which seems to affect mind.
Great difficulty in stating her symptoms, loses herself and has to be asked over again.
Difficulty in concentrating his thoughts or mind on abstract subjects.
Could not read or use mind at all from pain in head.
Thinks some one is behind her, hears whispering ; sees faces that peer at her from behind bed and furniture.
Persons come in, look at her, whisper, and say "come."
One night saw large people in room ; large rats running ; felt a delicate hand smoothing her head from front to back.
Fears he is going to die.
Is sure that she is worse, knows she is not going to live, cannot see any improvement, even when it is pointed out ; has no fear of death, speaks calmly about it ; and gives directions as to the disposition of her affairs.
Sensation as if all life was unreal, like a dream.
Wild and desperate feeling, as of incipient insanity.
Cannot speak without crying.
Tendency to suicide, gets up in night and takes his pistol, but his wife prevents him.
Is in a great hurry ; when doing anything is such a hurry that she gets fatigued.
Strange exhilaration of spirits.
Alternation of happiness and gloominess.
Spirits in the depths, weighed down with heavy, solid gloom > by torrents of tears.
Is always anticipating ; feels most matters sensitively before they occur and generally correctly.
Anticipates death.
Dread of saying the wrong thing when she has headache.
Everything startles her, news coming to her seems to touch her heart before she hears it.
Woke at an early hour with a frightened sensation, as if something dreadful had happened ; heavy weight and great heat in head ; could not rest in bed ; felt as if she must do something to rid her mind of this torture.
Fear of the dark.
Feeling as if he had committed the unpardonable sin and was going to hell.
A word or look of seeming harshness puts her in despondency for hours.
Indisposed to work or make mental effort ; desire for rest and dread of change ; noise, confusion, disorderliness of surroundings distressing ; depression and much anxiety, especially after sleep ; irritable if the room is not light enough to make everything distinct ; craving for stimulants, but cannot endure the effects, for they cause a wild, crazy feeling in brain after the first sleep ; same effect from using eyes.
Usually depressed ; easily tired ; disinclined to any exertion, and yet often unable to keep still ; forgetful ; unable to think connectedly ; mind wanders from subject, even in reading ; cannot think at all if hurried.
Always wakens tired in the morning ; hates to do anything that must be done, even nice things ; gets nervous and excited about ridding and driving as soon as the time is fixed.
Constant state of anguish.
Always a feeling of impending danger, but knows not what.
There is no cause for such feelings, as she is not obliged to do anything when disinclined ; is so situated that nothing need cause her trouble.
Inability to think continuously, to talk or to listen to talking when weary ; vacant feeling in head.
Forgetful, cannot remember the least thing any length of time ; writes everything down of any importance ; cannot trust herself to remember it ; great irritability and disgust with life.
The impatience, excitement, wild feelings ; the unreal, dazed conditions ; the gloom and fear in the dark ; the difficulty of speaking without tears, are marked evidence of functional derangement of the nervous system.
Medorrhinum is forgetful of names, words, etc., but instead of forgetting occurrences, during certain periods of time, like Syphilinum, it forgets what it is reading, even to the last line read ; it cannot concentrate its attention ; thinks words spelled wrong and have no meaning, etc.
Medorrhinum develops a peculiar sensitivity especially in relation to occurrences affecting itself.
It feels the evil coming to it, and the bad news before it arrives, of course it is selfish, and it is easily hurt by a harsh word.
It is also introspective, self-accusative, remorseful.
Time moves slowly to it, therefore it is hurried.
We find a dazed condition from the loss of the thread of thought, which annoys and causes a dread of saying the wrong thing, and a difficulty in stating symptoms.
It is always anticipating, fearing evil will happen, loss of reason or suicide.
It fears it has committed the unpardonable sin, and cares little for the result, because of the seething, restless, uneasy, unbalanced nerves.
Feeling of desperation ; did not care if he went to heaven or hell.
Cross through day, exhilarated at night, wants to play.
Irritated at little things.
Nerve trembling, with worry.
Very impatient.
Reading and writing make her nervous and enrage her.
Great selfishness.
Time moves so slowly that things done an hour ago appear to have occurred a year since ; asked the time of day, and in five minutes insisted that half an hour had elapsed and could not believe it had not till she had seen the watch.

Head :
Vertigo : when stooping ; several times during day sudden attacks, seemingly in vertex, with danger of falling ; things did not seem to go round, but there was a sensation and fear of falling, only slightly > lying down, < on movement ; always woke with it ; as if intoxicated ; walks zigzag ; in occiput extending to vertex, with sensation of enlargement of occiput.
Head light, not exactly dizzy.
Sensation of tightening in head, causing intense vertigo.
Tensive pains in head, with a wild sensation as if she would go crazy, with a sensation as if she would do something desperate in spite of herself ; afraid to be alone.
Intense itching of scalp.
Great quantities of dandruff.
Hair lustreless, dry and crispy.
Dryness and electrical condition of hair ; it will not remain brushed.
Great deal of fugitive itching in scalp.
Sharp itching of scalp, whiskers and eyebrows.
Severe pain at the base of the brain, running to the vertex, in two cases suffering from retroflexion.
Frontal headache ; with nausea ; feeling of a tight band across forehead, < leaning head forward ; as if front half of brain would come through forehead ; as if skin was drawn tight ; with fluent coryza, with pressure back of eyes, as if they would be forced out ; extending over brain to neck.
Brain seems weary ; slightest sound annoys and fatigues her.
Neuralgia first in left temple and parietal bone, then in right, next day in left eye.
Wakes with headache over eyes and in temples ; < from sunlight.
Headache in right temple ; a good deal of aching over left eye Nocturnal enuresis.
Neuralgic headache in left temple and around middle part of cranium, at times terribly severe, with sensation of great weight and pressure in vertex ; has lasted twenty-four hours and is gradually increasing in violence.
Pain in centre of brain ; in evening sharp pain through temples : pains commence and cease suddenly.
Heat and throbbing in temporal region both sides.
Brain exceedingly tender and all mental work irksome.
Pain in left parietal bone when the wind blows on it.
Pain circling through head and around crown.
Terrible pains all through head in every direction, with continuous and violent vomiting, followed by aching in sacrum and down back of legs to feet.
Constant headache, < while coughing ; light (through the eyes) seems to hurt it.
Intense headache for three days, with inflammation of eye.
Headache and diarrhea from motion of ears.
Headache with menses.
Dull headache in a broad ring around head.
Intense cerebral suffering, causing continual rubbing of head in pillow, rolling from side to side.
Dull pain in cerebellum.
Intense burning pain in head, < in cerebellum.
Tensive pain in left side of head as far back as parietal eminence and to middle of crown.
Tensive pains in head as if she would go crazy ; could not read or use mind.
Sensation as of three points of tension in head, in centre of each hemisphere and cerebellum ; as if large cords were drawn to each from every part of lobes and cerebellum ; extremely painful, caused a disposition to run wildly through streets tearing hair ; seemed as if tensive pains would break, when suddenly they relaxed and a bubbling sensation passed from centres to circumferences ; when reached, the tensive pains began again.
Sensation of tightness and contraction, extending from eyes and meeting in brain ; extends down whole length of spine.
Aching in occiput and medulla ; pain sharp on motion ; drowsy.
Aching and exhausted feeling in cerebellum and medulla, with a subjective tenderness of spine from cerebellum to kidneys.
Aching pain in base of brain, with swelling of cords of neck.
Burning glow in cerebellum and down spine.
Head feels heavy and is drawn backwards.
Severe pain in back of head as though it had been struck ; pain spread over to front, with severe neuralgic pain in left eye ; headache lasted all night ; eye bloodshot.
Pain in back of head and in right eye.
Simmering in head, does not know whether it is heard or felt.
Sensation as if occipital protuberances were enlarged.
Hair lustreless, dry and crispy.
Dryness and electrical condition of hair ; it will not remain brushed.
Intense itching of scalp ; quantities of dandruff.

Eyes and Sight :
When eyes were shut, felt as if pulling out of head to one side or other ; when open all things seemed to flicker.
A blur over things ; numberless black, sometimes brown spots dancing over her book ; sees objects double ; things look very small ; sees imaginary objects.
Feeling as if she stared at everything, as if eyes protruded.
Aching in eyeballs, pressure and heat in vertex, a tendency to shut eyes.
Neuralgic pain in eyeballs ; when pressing eyelids together ; < when rolling them.
Continuous watering of eyes, great heat and sensation of sand under lids.
Feeling of pain and irritation, and sensation of sticks in eyes, lids and especially inner canthi, redness and dryness of lids, congestion of sclerotic and sensation of a cool wind blowing in eyes, especially inner canthi.
Ptosis of outer end of both upper lids, particularly left, requiring exertion to open them.
Swelling of upper lids ; soreness and smarting of edges.
Decided tendency to irritation of edges of lids.
Pulling pain in left lower lid from outer canthus ; could see lid twitch between these points.
Hardness of upper lid as if it had a cartilage in it.
Eyebrows itch ; brows and lashes fall off.
Swelling under eyes.
Sometimes cannot raise lid of right eye after being asleep ; cough when tired or nervous.
Miss X., 23, had chronic blepharitis since eleven.
Her suffering was intense.
Light, especially gas-light, was intolerable, and this prevented her from going into society.
She could not read in the evening, and in the morning the lids would be closed, and she suffered much on getting them separated.
There was much discharge.
Before coming under me she had been under strict homeopathic treatment all the time.
I remembered treating her father for gonorrhea before his marriage, and I suspected the taint had reappeared in this form.
Medorrhinum was given in high potency, single doses repeated as the effect of each wore off, and she was entirely cured.

Ears and Hearing :
Nearly total deafness of both ears, with very little noise ; had to use a trumpet.
Partial or transient deafness ; pulsation in ears.
Child hard of hearing for six days.
Singular sensation of deafness from one ear to the other, as if a tube went through head, while yet there was an over acuteness of hearing.
Is sure he hears people in conversation, but on carefully watching, finds that sounds have reference to arterial pulsation, but where he cannot discover.
When whistling, the sound in ears is double, with peculiar vibration as when two persons whistle thirds.
Noises seemingly in mastoid cells, frying and hissing.
Pain passes up Eustachian tube and out of both ears with a tickling sensation.
After sleeping feels as though parchment was drawn over ear, on which she was lying.
Sensation of a worm about an inch long crawling in right ear, and as if it commenced boring in anterior wall of auditory canal.
Itching, aching, or boring pain in left ear.
Aching in cartilage of ear when lying on it at night.
Soreness to touch of right concha.
Quick, darting pains in right ear, from without inward, pains followed each other in close succession.
Ringhole in left ear more and almost gathered.

Nose and Smell :
Intense itching in nose, internally near point, had to rub all the time.
Very great burning in both nostrils when breathing through them.
Coldness of end of nose.
Entire loss of smell for several days.
Soreness of outer wing (inside) of left nostril.
Nose constantly running.
Nasal catarrh, with continual running down throat.
Sensation of action in bones ; obstruction at root of nose as if mucous membrane was hypertrophied.
Nose goes to sleep.
Nose inflamed, swollen.
Catarrh of posterior nares.
Posterior nares obstructed, > by hawking thick, greyish mucus, followed by bloody mucus.
Heavy fluent coryza, with hard headache all day in frontal region, < 10:30 A. M.
Soreness and crawling feeling as of a centipede in left nostril in morning.
Nose stopped up, cannot breathe through it in the morning ; snuffles in children not relieved by the other remedies.

Face :
Great pallor ; yellowness of face, particularly around eyes, as if occurring from a bruise (greenish yellow) ; yellow band across forehead close to hair.
Greenish, shining appearance of skin.
Blotches on face.
Flushes of heat in face and neck.
Fevers blisters near corner of right upper lip, small but very sore.
Enormous fever sore on lower lip near left commissure.
Sweat of face ; on upper lip.
Neuralgia of right upper and lower jaws, extending to temple.
Swelling in region of left submaxillary gland, the size of a goose egg ; whiskers over tumor came out ; softened in centre, at times sharp, shooting pains ; on being opened discharge a large quantity of thin, bloody pus ; was opened several times, finally the aperture formed raised embankment-like edges ; the pus burrowed until arrested by clavicle, where it formed an enormous swelling (> after Thuja 3m.) ; the tumors left fistulous openings which were a long time in healing.
Face covered with acne ; dry herpes ; freckles.
Tendency to stiffness in jaws and tongue.
Rigidity of muscles of face, especially of lower lip, drawing it up tight to teeth ; jaws stiff, unable to open them ; deglutition nearly impossible ; throat filled with saliva.
Swelling of submaxillary glands.
Sensation of constriction and aching in throat and jaws when weary.

Teeth and Gums :
Teeth have serrated edges, or are chalky and easily decay (Syphilinum ; teeth are cupped, decay at edges of gums and break off).
Sore teeth, particularly eyeteeth ; feel sore and soft.
Yellowness of teeth.
Hard swelling on right upper jaw, as if in socket of a tooth gone since four years ; intense neuralgic pains extending to whole head, causing sleeplessness ; severe pains all over head, with external heat.
Pale gums.

Taste and Tongue :
Taste : coppery on rising ; disagreeable ; bad in morning.
Tongue coated : brown and thick ; thickly in morning, with bad taste ; white at base, the rest red ; white, with papillæ showing through.
Tongue blistered.
Small sores, pustules (canker sores) on edge, tip and under tongue, very painful ; also inside lips and in throat.

Mouth :
Foul breath in morning.
Dryness of mouth ; feels burnt.
Very sore mouth, ulcers on tongue and in buccal cavity, like blister.
Blisters on inner surface of lips and cheeks, skin peeling off in patches.
Excitement of submaxillary glands, pouring out saliva profusely.
Stringy mucus comes out of mouth during sleep.

Throat :
Irritation in throat as if scraped.
Pharynx inflamed and feels very stiff and sore ; swallowing painful.
Great dryness of throat, with swollen glands.
Back part of throat constantly filling with mucus from posterior nares.
Sore throat and colds in head > by salt water bathing.
Soreness of throat, hurts to swallow ; sensation of lump in larynx ; deglutition painful ; raw, irritated, as if scraped.
Expectoration greenish yellow, catarrhal cold of the head with burning of septum of the nose to bronchi, complete loss of taste and smell cannot taste tobacco.

Appetite, Thirst, Desires, Aversions :
Appetite increased ; ravenous hunger immediately after eating.
Absolute loss of appetite ; thirst.
Enormously thirsty ; even dreams that she is drinking.
Insatiate craving for liquor, when before she hated it.
Great craving for salt.
Craving for sweets ; hard, green fruit ; ice ; sour things ; oranges ; ale.
Appetite poor.
Can digest but a limited amount of food.
Belching, hiccough, nausea and vomiting.
Nausea ; with frontal headache ; after drinking water ; after dinner ; always after eating ; before eating.
Vomiting of thick mucus and bile, without nausea.
Violent retching and vomiting for forty-eight hours ; first glairy mucus, then frothy and watery, and lastly coffee grounds ; accompanied by intense headache, with great despondency and sensation of impending death ; during paroxysm was continually praying.
Vomiting black bile without nausea, tasting bitter and sour, with considerable mucus ; no odor.

Scrobiculum and Stomach :
Sensation in pit of stomach as of a paper of pins that seemed to force themselves through flesh, causing her to rise and double up and scream ; pins seem to come from each side.
Abscess of liver.
A sick or gnawing feeling, not relieved by eating or drinking.
Trembling at pit of stomach.
Sometimes a burning (like a flame) in pit of stomach, as if heart palpitated there.
Dull pain in epigastric region, deep in.
Feeling of a lump in stomach after eating.
Throbbing in sides of stomach.
Clawing in stomach, < drawing up knees.
Cramps in stomach as from wind.
Intense pain in stomach and upper abdomen, with a sensation of tightness.
Sensation of sinking and agonizing sickness at stomach, with a desire to tear something away.
Sensation of nausea from using eyes or when weary.
After a hearty meal, sensation as though stomach pressed upon a sore spot at left side.
Terrible pains in liver, thought she would die, they were so acute.
Bilious colic with frequent vomiting and nausea ; diarrheic stools, chilliness and perspiration on face and neck.
Congestion of liver.
Grasping pain in liver and spleen.
Burning heat around the back, like a coal of fire.
Abscess of liver.
Severe pain from abscess extending to right shoulder and down elbow.
Throbbing and thumping in region of suprarenal capsule, seeming to come from abscess or sore spot just below fifth rib, right side ; creeping chills in region of right kidney, throbbing, contracting, drawing and relaxing as if caused by icy cold insects with claws.

Abdomen :
Intense agonizing pain in solar plexus ; surface cold ; eructations tasting of sulphuretted hydrogen and, after eating, of ingesta, applied right hand to pit of stomach and left to lumbar region.
Pressure in lower abdomen as of a heavy weight.
A feeling as of a tumor in right side of abdomen.
Tensive pain in right side of abdomen, as of a hard, biconvex body ; with heat and gnawing aching pain, continued a short time ; it was between spine of ilium and recti muscles.
Darting pain from centre of right ovarian region to lower edge of liver.
Ascites ; abdomen greatly distended ; palpitation showed water ; urine very scanty and high colored.
Beating as of a pulse in abdomen vertically.
Left inguinal glands sensitive and slightly swollen.
Cutting in right lower abdomen running into right spermatic cord ; right testis very tender.
Bearing-down sensation in abdomen and pelvis upon standing or walking, and after movement of bowels.
Sensation of want of power in rectum.
Accumulation of fecal matter at times which seems impossible to pass.

Stool and Rectum :
Bilious diarrhea, verging on dysentery, with mucous stools.
Pains of most intense kind (threatening cramps) in upper abdomen (darting and tearing pains) coming on at stool ; stool diarrheic, thin and hot, but not copious ; after stool, profound weakness and mild cramp in left calf.
Profuse bloody discharges from rectum, sometimes in large clotted masses, followed by shivering.
Black stool.
White diarrhea.
Stools tenacious, claylike, sluggish, cannot be forced, from a sensation of prolapsus of rectum.
Can only pass stool by leaning very far back ; very painful, as if there was a lump on posterior surface of sphincter ; so painful as to cause tears.
Constriction and inertia of bowels with ball-like stools.
Child, æt. 15 months, brought on a pillow to clinic, apparently dead ; eyes glassy, set ; could not find pulse, but felt heart beat ; running from anus greenish yellow, thin horribly offensive stool.
Baby, æt. 7 months, after summer complaint, great emaciation, diarrhea green, watery, slimy, yellow, curdled, like boiled potatoes chopped up with greens, thin, cream colored, watery, smelling like rotten eggs ; stools pass involuntarily ; apparently lifeless, except that it rotates head on pillow.
Cholera infantum with opisthotonos, vomiting and watery diarrhea, profuse discharge of blood and pus.
Sharp, needlelike pains in rectum.
Painful attacks of piles, not bleeding, hot swelling of left side of anus, pin worms.
Oozing of moisture from anus, fetid like fish brine.
Sycosis of the rectum, seven cases, three in women and four in men, thin ichorous discharge from rectum, producing very intense itching and burning, which prevents sleep, worse the first part of the night, one case in a man had to use Opium suppositories in order to sleep.
The rectal discharge in one case produced blisters on healthy flesh where it touched ; there is also a full, stuffed feeling in the rectum.
Patient suffering with infantile diarrhea which persistently relapsed despite most careful prescribing.
Remembering the father's history whom he had treated for gonorrhea a year and a half before the patient was born, Medorrhinum was given with a perfect cure.

Urinary Organs :
Intense renal colic ; severe pain in ureters, with sensation as of passage of calculus ; during kidney attack, great craving for ice.
Dull pinching pain in region of suprarenal capsules at 11 A. M., fingers cold at same time ; great pressure in bladder, greater than amount of urine warrants ; urine scanty and high colored.
Pain in renal region, profuse urination relieves.
Very distinct bubbling sensation in right kidney ; sensation of three bubbles in right renal region, moving like bubbling in water, causing faintness ; deathly feeling in kidneys, with great depression of spirits, similar to effect of cold settling in renal region ; prostration after urination.
Urine high colored.
A child, severe attack of cystitis, with light colored urine filled with mucus ; extreme pain in urethra on urinating ; end of penis inflamed : analysis gave albumen, phosphates and triple phosphates.
Urine watery, colorless.
After urinating, great coldness and shivering.
Burning on urination, like incipient gonorrhea.
Strong smelling urine.
Urine covered with a thick greasy pellicle.
Nocturnal urination entirely ceased, the chamber empty in morning, a thing unknown for years.
Painful tenesmus of bladder and bowels when urinating.
Passes an enormous quantity of high colored, strong smelling urine in bed every night ; thinks it is in afterpart of night, as he is always wet in the morning ; overwork and too much heat, or being in cold, aggravates this condition.
Debility after prolonged or complete urination.
Syncope after urination.
Intensely yellow urine.
In urinating very slow stream, with sharp, cutting pains transversely across root of penis ; once flow intermitted ; no burning ; pains come on just as last drops are voided.
Diabetic condition ; profuse and frequent urination.
Almost constant desire to urinate ; if there be any delay, an intensely nervous sensation, with sometimes burning and sometimes chilliness all over body.
Urine dark and scanty.
Frequent urination with slight burning at the meatus ; dull heavy ache in the region of the prostate, marked in two cases ; very sore in perineum extending to rectum ; frenum red and swollen in three cases.
Red vesicles on the glans penis that have a burning itching sensation, very irritable.
Urinates every half hour ; urgent, can't wait a moment ; worse at or during the menstrual period.
Sycotic warts cured by one dose, after nine months careful treatment had failed.
He contracted sycotic gonorrhea December, 1886 ; was nearly cured.
In May, 1887, another sycotic attack, with chancroids.
The ulcers were all over prepuce, and as they improved the warts began to grow all over glans, back of corona, inside of prepuce and frenum ; enormous seed warts ; the head of penis was two or three times natural size ; the warts were very moist, and secreted a yellowish, stinking fluid, and bled very easily, and the odor was very perceptible in a room with him ; but his general health was much improved.
From May 26th he had Merc. sol., Nit. ac., Sulph., Corallium, Cinnab., Silic., Thuj., Phos. acid, Sabin., Staphis. all in high potencies, but got no better.
March 17th, 1888, Dr. W. P. Wesselhoeft advised Medorrhinum, gave cm.
In a week he was better, discharge and odor gone.
In two weeks warts were about one third their size on March 7th, and in six weeks were entirely gone.

Male Sexual Organs :
Nocturnal emissions, followed by great weakness and miserable feeling all day.
Emissions during sleep : watery, causing no stiffness of linen, transparent, consistence of gum arabic mucilage, too thick to pour, and voided with difficulty ; thick, with threads of white, opaque substance.
Gonorrheal flow thin, transparent, mixed with opaque, whitish mucus, stains linen yellow.
Intense and frequent erections day and night.
Pains along urethra while urinating, drawing burning.
Gonorrhea for ten months ; during eight months mostly suppressed by drugs and injections ; for past two months flow persists, watery, transparent, but acrid and abundant, mixed with creamy liquid, stains linen yellow brown ; pain at end of penis during urination ; since third month of infection had heavy, drawing, wandering pains in right arm, right hip and left calf, < damp weather.
Gleety, gonorrheal discharge for twenty years ; urine stains clothes a dirty brown, discharges extremely slow, sometimes it takes half an hour to empty bladder, leaving him in a weak condition ; during urination, painful rectal tenesmus ; chilliness when bladder is too full, > by urination ; if he urinates after getting warm in bed, has to urinate every hour rest of night ; faint, indefinite sense of chilliness, followed by frequent calls to urinate, urine being hot, copious and followed by spinal chill and incontinence of urine on getting cold.
Burning in meatus during urination, and a feeling of soreness through whole urethra ; also after urinating, a feeling as if something more remained in urethra.
Scanty, yellowish, gleety discharge, of many months' standing showing most plainly in morning, gumming up orifice.
Profuse, yellow, purulent discharge from urethra, most copious in morning.
Cannot retain urine more than an hour, after 5 or 6 P. M.
Cannot retain urine through night.
Chancrelike ulcer on prepuce (never had syphilis or gonorrhea) ; six months later there came for several months successive crops of vesicle on prepuce, very sore to touch, which soon opened at the tip, and left a little ulcerlike sore lasting a few days ; a round, clean cut, sharp edged elevation with depression, however not filled with pus as in genuine chancre.
Soreness, swelling and dragging of testes.

Female Sexual Organs :
Great sexual desire after menses, in a single woman.
A great deal of pain in left ovary, with a sensation as if a sac was distended and if pressed would burst ; sensation as if something was pulling it down, causing it to be sore ; pain when walking passed to left groin, as if leg pushed something, with a great amount of heat.
Left ovary seemed enlarged, with intense heat and severe aching pain ; could not bear pressure, though it seemed as if she must press it ; with a burning heat.
Tense pains passing diagonally in right ovary, followed by a bubbling sensation.
Intense, excruciating, neuralgic pains in whole pelvic region, extending downwards through ovarian region to uterus ; cutting like knives, forcing tears and groans.
Ulceration of neck of uterus, which looked ragged and torn, inflamed and covered with stringy pus ; had gonorrhea.
Distinct soreness and nervous pain in one spot in lower part of uterus on left side, < walking or moving left leg.
Pulling and pain in sacrum and pubic region, as if menses were coming on.
Profuse menses ; dark clotted, also bright blood, with faintness and some pain.
Menses very dark ; stains difficult to wash out.
Intense menstrual colic, causing drawing up to knees, with terrible, bearing down, laborlike pains, with pressing of feet against support, as in labor.
A burning pain in lower part of back and hips during menses.
After very profuse menses, neuralgia in paroxysms in head, with twitching and drawing in limbs and cords of neck, which were like wires ; pain in lower abdomen, with profuse, yellowish leucorrhea.
Itching of vagina and labia, thinking of it makes it worse.
Small chancres on edge of right labia (had no sexual intercourse for three years, never had venereal disease).
Short, shooting pains, passing outwards, chiefly in breasts.
Breasts cold as ice to touch, especially nipples (during menses) ; rest of body warm.
Large but not painful swelling of left breast.
Nipples sore, sensitive and inflamed.
Breasts and nipples very tender to touch, also inflamed.
Soreness of nipples, a gummy secretion drying on orifice ; when picked off nipple bleeds freely.
Soreness of breasts, very sensitive to touch, at nonmenstrual periods.
Peculiar tenderness of breasts.
A patient had convulsions at every menstrual period ; coming on in the early morning.
Ulceration and inflammation of os uteri, and chronic intra-uterine inflammation.
Leucorrhea ; albuminous, white-of-egg-like consistency.
Painful hypertrophy of uterus.
A burning, drawing sensation in uterus after driving, standing on feet or when weary.
Dull, aching pain in pelvis from leaning over or if back is not supported.
Membranous Dysmenorrhea : Menstruation was accompanied by terrible pains of a grinding character.
Flow scanty, and on the second day there was a passage of a firmly organized membrane.
The mental symptom was a constant feeling as if something was behind her.
She could not get away from that sensation.
It was of nothing definite, simply something terrible behind her, peering over her shoulder, causing her to look around anxiously.
Under Medorrhinum I found many of her symptoms, including the peculiar mental symptom, and gave it to her.
The next period was without pain and without membrane.
Repeated the remedy and the third period was painless again.
Sharp shooting pains like knives, much soreness and tenderness to pressure the slightest pressure causes her to suffer pains for hours, bearing-down sensation, especially in the left ovary, relieved by pressing upon abdomen ; pains run from left ovary to uterus.
Uterus : subinvoluted, sensitive to slightest pressure, a sensitive spot above and to the right of cervix.
Leucorrhea : thin, acrid, producing severe pruritus, itching intolerable, worse by rubbing, also better by bathing frequently with tepid water ; it has odor of decayed fish ; sharp pains run from uterus to rectum.
Leucorrhea in a pure young girl, æt. 13 ; thick, yellow, profuse, running down the clothes to the feet, stiffening the linen.

Voice and Larynx. Trachea and Bronchia :
Hoarseness, especially while reading, with occasional loss of voice.
Slight hoarseness with hawking up mucus.
Choking caused by a weakness or spasm of epiglottis, could not tell which ; larynx stopped so that no air could enter, only > by lying on face and protruding tongue. (Acet. ac.) (Asthma : Dr. Miller, Glasgow).
At night dryness, soreness and choking very severe ; thrusting tongue in cheek brought on coughing and choking as if epiglottis was closed ; a tearing sensation as if lining of larynx and pharynx had been torn off.
Dryness of glottis, very annoying, with pain during deglutition ; great hoarseness.
During day hoarseness, soreness and elongation of palate.
Soreness in larynx as if ulcerated.
Larynx feels sore when coughing.
Tenacious mucus in larynx.
Sensation of a lump in larynx ; severe pain on deglutition.
Bronchial catarrh spreading into larynx, swelling of tonsils and glands of throat extended also into ears, causing transient deafness.
Constricted and frequent swallowing, painful deglutition with dyspnŇďa as if caused by something foreign in larynx.
Cough : harsh, whistling, barking, croupy.

Respiration :
Desire to breathe deep ; wakes gasping for breath.
Difficulty in breathing, with momentary faintness ; very marked stuffed feeling in chest made her gasp for breath.
Great oppression of breathing every afternoon about 5 P. M. ; sense of constriction.
Has to fill lungs, but no power to eject air.
Faint suffocative sensation when sitting up in bed, as if thorax was full.
Spasm of glottis, with clucking in throat, air expelled with difficulty, but inhaled with ease.
Breath hot, feels so even when breathing through nose.
After a deep inspiration singular piping and croaking in bronchia.

Cough :
Cough from tickling under upper part of sternum.
Incessant dry cough, < at night ; wakes just as she is falling asleep ; < from sweet things.
Hacking cough, causing darting pains through scapulæ.
Dry, hacking cough, with a weak, sinking sensation under sternum.
Severe dry cough, < at night ; sensation of a lump ; dryness and excoriated sensation in glottis, with great hoarseness (relieved by Ipec.).
Terrible, painful, as if larynx would be torn to pieces, and as if mucous membrane was torn off, with profuse discharge of viscid, greyish mucus, mixed with blood.
Cough deep and hollow, like coughing in a barrel ; bronchial tubes appear to be very much enlarged and cough-spasm causes a flabby feeling, as if lining membrane was a loose fold of tissue.
Great rattling of mucus, which appears to be low down in chest, while cough does not seem to reach there, but only to throat pit, consequently hard cough does not reach phlegm unless he lies on his face, when cough brings up a greyish yellow, or a pale greenish yellow, gelatinous mucus without taste.
When lying on back or either side when coughing, rattling wheezing or whistling.
Cough : with aching across kidneys ; causes painful shock at base of each lung ; with a peculiar shrill, barking sound, some expectoration ; on entering a warm room ; after eating.
Cough, < on lying down, > lying on stomach.
Cough, < at night, causing retching.
Hawking of tenacious mucus.
Expectoration ; yellow white, albuminous, or little green, bitter balls ; ropy, difficult to raise ; as if flecked with infinitesimal dark spots.
A young French Canadian of delicate constitution, after working in a factory all winter, began coughing in spring and running down in health.
He returned home and came under my care in May.
The cough persisted and prostration increased, in spite of carefully selected remedies, and the patient took to his bed.
It was then observed by me that the cough and general condition was > from lying on the face.
This, coupled with a knowledge of there being a syphilitic taint in the boy's parentage, suggested Medorrhinum, which was given.
The next day a profuse gonorrheal discharge appeared, and the cough and all threatening symptoms promptly disappeared.
Exposure to contagion had occurred several weeks before, but from lack of vitality the disease could not find its usual expression and was endangering the patient's life. - D. C. McLaren.
Girl of twenty years of age had a violent cough for many months, that nobody could (or did) cure, until I learned that her father had had gonorrhea a year before her birth ; then a few doses of Medorrhinum worked like magic.

Inner Chest and Lungs :
Oppression of chest : < left side ; with difficult breathing and a tendency to take a long breath ; wakes gasping for breath.
Hoarseness seems to be in chest ; feels like an accumulation in chest ; as if it was painfully contracted.
Sharp pain in bottom of left lung.
Darting pain through lung, which makes her start.
Chest sore to touch, at times burning extends over chest ; cold seems to increase it ; a piece of ice cools it for an instant ; then it is hotter ; lung feels as if beaten or bruised.
Feels as if her breath was fanning a blistered sore in lung.
Singular sensation through chest ; bounded by a line drawn across lower end of sternum and another about middle ; as if there was a cavity extending from side to side, filled with burning air, which dilated in puffs in all directions, and could be felt impinging on walls of cavity.
Heat like a furnace in chest with itching of ears.
Pain in upper part of right lung when moving arm.
Pain in right shoulder as though it came from left, straight through.
Chest feels sore throughout.
Darting pain from centre of right lung to lower edge of liver.
Cold pain right lung and liver with coughing.
Very sharp stitching pain in bottom of right lung, also over surface of both lungs.
Aching in back part of left lung.
An old sore spot in top of left lung aroused.
Fatigue of left lung after talking, as if collapsed or paralyzed.
Walking in sun, left lung becomes excessively hot, right lung cold.
Pain in left upper chest through to shoulders ; cough arising from chest, incessant, dry cough, < at night.
Aching in left lung under scapula, indescribable aching as if it was drawn up in hand and then let loose, < after walking ; at same time aching in base of brain.
Sharp pain along right edge of sternum, changing to left edge, and afterwards into left lung.
Left lung very painful, feels drawn towards right side ; left side of chest from top of lung to waist hot as fire ; heart beat very fast and felt hot, too ; heat spread over right side, but was very mild, only a warm feeling, while left side was consuming ; face pale grey, nose pinched and deathlike.
Bottom of left lung sore to pressure (slight urging to cough from lower bronchia) ; afterwards slight pain in bottom or right lung.
Constricted sensation at bottom of both lungs ; finally dull, heavy pain at top of left lung.
Intense boring pain in chest, but most below left scapula, a place, the size of a dollar, on outer edge extremely sensitive to touch ; pain from upper lung to this spot.
Coughing gives great pain in chest, as if it was painfully contracted.
Sore spot size of silver dollar begins at top of left lung and like a red hot bolt extends through to lower part of back, chest sometimes feels as if something had grown to sore spot in front and was drawing back the chest ; she feels for a cavity.
Pain in heart and lungs, especially at night.
Awful pains, in phthisis, in middle lobes.
Incipient consumption.
Takes cold at the slightest exposure, begins in the head and goes down on the lungs ; severe burning in the base of the tongue extending down the bronchi as if he had inhaled hot steam ; worse in the morning, a raw feeling extending from throat to lungs as if the mucous membrane was scraped with a knife ; < by breathing cold air, sensation as if the lungs were stuffed with cotton.
Deep, hollow, rattling > by lying on the abdomen and face.
During a maneuvre in the army in 1885, Dr. V. got wet by a heavy rain coming into the tent during a whole night.
From this he got a hacking cough, on rising in the morning and in the open air.
It sounded as if he would call some one, and people would turn and look at him with angry eyes.
His throat was thoroughly examined by a specialist, but nothing was found.
In 1901, after 16 years of coughing, he consulted Dr. Ide, one of our greatest homeopathic physicians.
He ordered the doctor to take Medorrhinum one dose, and await the result.
On reaching home he took the dose, and next morning had no cough, nor did he cough afterwards, even in the open air.
As an officer he had had a gonorrhea, of which he could not get rid.
From this he always had an unpleasant feeling and burning pain.
All this vanished like magic.

Heart, Pulse and Circulation :
Difficulty of breathing through oppression of heart.
Fluttering about heart.
Palpitation after slight exertion.
Heavy heart throbbings.
With heat in chest, heart felt very hot, beat very fast and felt large, accompanied by a bursting sensation.
Soreness in heart in morning after having slept on left side.
Feeling of a cavity where heart ought to be.
Pain in heart ; acute, sharp, quick ; dull, quick.
Sharp pains around heart, passing thence to head ; preceded by nausea.
Sharp pain at apex of heart ; < on movement.
Intense pain in heart, seemed to radiate in different parts of left side of chest ; < from least movement.
Pain from sore spot below left scapula to heart, with violent palpitation.
Dull pain in heart, with pain in left arm and sensation as if hand was swollen.
Burning in heart, went through to back and down left arm.
Dull pain in left side of heart, with pain in left arm and a sensation as if the hand were swollen.
Great pain in cardiac plexus, extending to left arm and throat ; pulse 64 ; next day no pain, pulse 100.

Outer Chest :
Pain and soreness through chest and mammæ.
Sensation of an abscess on left chest between pectoralis major and minor where they form anterior boundary of axillary space, hard and sensitive to touch, drawing pains in every direction, < motion of arm ; great heat extending about three inches from spot and through to back of shoulder, no redness and very slight swelling.
Great soreness to pressure of muscles of lower left chest front and back, soreness when moving of left shoulder-blade.

Neck and Back :

Drawing in cords of neck, causing desire to throw head back.
Swelling of cords of neck, with aching pain in base of brain.
Spasms of neck muscles, notably sterno-mastoid, drawing chin firmly down to breast.
Sensation of an enlarged gland in right side of neck under upper part of sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle, painful when moving head.
Pain in nape and between scapulæ, running to either side, shoulder and down to lumbar region.
Contractive pain from superior angles of scapula, passing to seventh dorsal vertebra and extending straight down spine to ninth vertebra, drawing shoulders back tight as if bones would be crushed ; < moving shoulders, neck or arms.
Pain in back between scapulæ.
Intense burning heat, commencing in back of neck and extending gradually down spine, with a contractive stiffness extending into head and seeming to thicken the scalp.
Pain under right scapulæ.
Pain straight through from left to right shoulder.
Burning glow in cerebellum and down spine.
Weak, stiff, aching back.
Heat in medulla and spine for a whole week.
Whole length of backbone sore to touch, also ribs of left side.
Tenderness of spinal column when stretching.
Aching across and in kidneys.
Occasional creeping sensation in region of left kidney.
When she stoops cannot rise again without violent pain in region of kidneys.
Pain in region of left kidney, darting over left hip, especially when spine is pressed upon.
Throbbing and thumping in region of right suprarenal capsule seeming to come from abscess or sore spot just below fifth rib, right side, under breast ; creeping chills in region of right kidney, throbbing, contracting, drawing and relaxing ; as if caused by icy cold insects with claws.
Abscess of liver.
Lumbar vertebræ sensitive to touch.
Pain in lumbar portion of spine ; myalgic ; induration of testes.
Sensation of water dropping out of a bottle in lumbar region (opposite third lumbar vertebra), between posterior and superior spine of ilium and vertebra.
Lumbago caused by straining in lifting.
Pain in back of hips, running around and down limbs.
Pain in sacrum and coccyx.

Upper Limbs :
Rheumatic pain in top of left shoulder, < from motion ; occasional little darts of pain if kept still.
Rheumatic pain in right shoulder and arm.
Rheumatic pains in shoulders, notably left, also in hands, with pains on closing them.
Brown, itching eruption on left shoulder.
Severe pain from abscess, extending to right shoulder and down to elbow.
Pain commencing under left scapula, running down left arm to little finger, which pricked as if asleep.
Cold numbness on outer side of arms, just below elbow.
Itching and irritation inside of elbow joints.
Sharp pain in elbow when moving it.
Cracking of joints, especially elbows.
Left forearm and hand numb, unable to hold anything with force ; any attempt to raise arm caused a sense of discomfort and irritability.
Pain in left arm and sensation in head as if swollen ; connected with heart ; numbness down left arm.
Aching in bones of arm after headache.
Numb pain in left arm ; cannot even hold a paper any length of time ; the veins become enlarged ; it is very painful to raise arm.
Trembling of arms and hands.
Right arm cold.
Crampy pain in first and second fingers of right hand.
In night, sensation of a boil coming on back of hand, just above metacarpal phalangeal joint of left index finger ; sore to touch, with drawing pains from every direction ; expected to find a boil there in morning, but found only a red spot, not elevated.
Burning of hands, wants them fanned and uncovered ; always cold hands.
Intense burning in palms ; burning and itching of hands, first left, then right.
Itching of hands at roots of and between fingers, as in itch.
Palms and sometimes feet burning hot.
Right hand is cold, then left.
Cold hands, with coldness extending all over body.
Sharp rheumatic pains across middle knuckles of left hand, also rheumatism of arms and legs.
Hot numbness of back of hands.
Back of hands rough.
Small yellow spots on hands.
Middle finger of left hand swollen and cannot be bent without pain ; cannot touch palm with it ; top of this finger painfully sensitive, numb and dead, she cannot grasp anything with it, can hardly touch anything.
Hardness at base of ball of little finger.
Transverse depression on nails as if they were bent.
Consumptive incurvation of nails.
Acute lancinating pain of right arm at the level of the deltoid attachment, deep down near the bone.
Aching in right shoulder and arm ; dull, sore pain, and soreness and stiffness of arm when moved.
Hurts most to move it back or straight out from side.
Worse at night or from any pressure on back of shoulder that pushes shoulder forward.
Weight of bed-clothes on arm hurts it.
Aching at times extends to fingers, and the fingers swell when used.
Nails dry and brittle.
Rheumatism : of the wrists and ankles with complete loss of power in the part affected.
If in the ankle, was unable to walk ; if in the wrist, it had to be carried in a sling.

Lower Limbs :
Woke with a sharp pain over left hip, preventing stooping, makes walking difficult ; it is like a stiff neck, but more aching.
Slight aching pains to hip joints and knees.
Pains, in both legs, at times from hips down to knees, at other times in left, only when walking.
Sensation of heaviness, or want of power to move limbs, in walking.
Heaviness of legs, very difficult walking (especially going up or down stairs), legs are so heavy, feel like lead.
Trembling of limbs, legs give way.
Lower limbs ache all night, preventing sleep.
Legs do not go right in walking.
Little dropping of right leg.
Very restless with the legs.
Numbness in left leg from knee to hip, feeling as if paralyzed.
Longing to stretch legs.
The pain seems to tighten the whole body, especially the feet and thighs.
Rheumatic pains in muscles of legs.
Many years since had a leg amputated just above ankle ; after healing it began to swell, end of stump turned black, severe pains in muscles and bones, and ultimately a pimple appeared on stump, which broke and discharged for some time ; all this has been reproduced.
During a terrific thunderstorm, very sharp pains in knees shot upwards ; pains < by stretching.
Aching pain in legs, with inability to keep them still in bed, < when giving up control of himself, as when trying to sleep (> after Lil. tigr.).
Weak kneed when getting up from a chair.
When walking, pain in left knee, that caused it to give way, letting her down.
Trembling in legs from knees down, left leg trembles most, burning in feet.
Legs dead and heavy, throbbing from knees down.
Coldness of legs up to knees, also of hands and forearms.
Short pulling pains in knees, toes, ankle joints and hands.
Drawing sensation under knees and in ankles.
Contraction of muscles under left knee and in left calf.
Cramps in soles and calves at night.
Cramp in left calf, afterwards in right leg between knee and thigh.
kind of cramp in left calf at night, muscles knotted, > stretching ; not cramp, but knotting.
Ankles turn easily when walking.
Sudden intense pain in left ankle, back of joint, on going to bed, could not move limb or body without screaming ; could find no position of comfort.
Burning of feet, wants them uncovered and fanned.
Both feet somewhat swollen ; dropsy of feet.
Sore feeling under left foot.
Edema of feet followed and > by diarrhea.
Cold feet with all over body.
Small sharp pain in soles when first stepping on them in morning, not felt any other time.
Swelling and itching in soles, itching between toes, and pulling pains extending up to knees ; itching, painful, papulous eruption around waist, and hivelike eruption wherever flesh is pressed on.
Tenderness of soles so that he could not stand on them at all and had to walk on his knees.
Soreness in ball of foot under toes.
Great toe sore, right one worst ; pains shooting through toes when sitting still.
Pain, swelling and inflammation of right great toe.
Cold and sweaty feet.
Great toe covered with scales like tetters.
Old foot sweats, < during winter, for seven years.
Corns very tender.
Almost entire loss of nervous force in legs and arms ; exhausted by slightest effort.
Pain like rheumatism along right side, right hip, left leg (upper, lower left) ; pains drawing, < in dampness ; left leg swollen near knee.
Stiffness throughout body and joints.
Deformity of finger joints, large, puffy knuckles, swelling, stiffness and pain of both ankles ; great tenderness of heels and balls of feet ; the swellings of all affected joints were puffy like wind galls ; general condition < inland, > near shore.
Numb sensation in left arm, hand and leg ; left leg goes to sleep.
Eruption under and on toes on hands and feet.
Right knee painful, red and swollen.
Synovitis of left wrist, dorsal aspect, tendons attacked being the extensor proprius policis and indicis.
Acute pain in the tendo Achillis, left foot and along the inner border of the right tibia.
The part is edematous and very sensitive.
The rheumatic symptoms in the extremities are of extreme intensity.
A man with clonic spasms, the legs suddenly shot up from the bed.
Feet always wet with perspiration.

Rest. Position. Motion :
Rest : little darting pains in left shoulder.
Lying down : vertigo slightly > ; on ear, aching in cartilage ; cough <.
Lying on back or either side when coughing ; rattling, wheezing or whistling.
Lying on stomach : cough >.
Lying on either side : contents of lower part of chest and abdomen seem to press upon each other.
Cannot lie on left side for any considerable length of time.
Can only sleep on back, with hands over head.
Sleeps on her knees, with face forced in pillow.
Must lie on face and protrude tongue : larynx stopped so that no air could enter.
Could find no position of comfort : intense pain in left ankle, back of joint.
Sitting still : pains shooting through toes.
Sitting up in bed : faint suffocative sensation.
Stooping : vertigo ; cannot rise again without violent pain in region of kidneys ; impossible, pain in hip.
Leaning head forward : tight band across forehead <.
Desire to throw head back ; drawing in cords of neck.
Head drawn backwards.
Leaning body very far back : can only pass stool.
Drawing up knees : clawing in stomach < ; menstrual colic.
Must rise and double up : pain in pit of stomach.
Thrusting tongue in cheek brought on coughing.
Applied right hand to pit of stomach and left to lumbar region ; intense agonizing pain in solar plexus.
Cannot hold paper long : numb pain in left arm.
When closing hands : pain in them.
Slight exertion : palpitation ; head ; tendency to perspire.
Motion : vertigo < ; of left leg pain in uterus < ; of arm causes pain in upper right lung ; sharp pain at apex of heart < ; least, pain in chest < ; of arms, pains in chest < ; soreness of left shoulder-blade ; of head causes pains in neck ; of shoulders, neck or arms, pain in shoulders ; < of elbow, sharp pain.
Getting up from a chair : weak kneed.
Getting up : as if bones were out of joint ; shakes herself to get them into place.
Cannot keep still : restlessness, > by clutching hands.
Inability to keep legs still in bed : aching pain.
Continual rubbing of head in pillow, and rolling from side to side : cerebral suffering.
Attempt to raise arm : discomfort and irritability.
When rolling eyes : neuralgic pains <.
Could not move limb or body without screaming : intense pain in left ankle, back of joint.
Stretching : tenderness of spinal column ; pains in knees < ; cramp in calf <.
When first stepping on soles ; small sharp pains.
Had to walk on his knees ; tenderness of soles.
Walking : pain passed from left ovary to groins ; pain in uterus < ; aching in left lung ; difficult, pain in hip ; pains from hips down to knees ; heaviness in limbs ; legs do not go right ; pain in left knee ; ankles turn.
Going up and down stairs ; difficult from heaviness of legs.
Extremely sensitive, swollen bunions, worse on left foot, puffed, very red, feet hot ; in the centre there is a spot as if blood had collected, which is very sore ; itching very annoying must remove shoes to rub them, which relieves for the time ; very sensitive to pressure ; flesh feels as if cracked open ; in the evening, after being on the feet all day, almost unendurable ; worse on warm days ; feet swollen and tender.

Nerves :
Intense nervous sensibility, respecting touch of garment or a lock of hair by any one not en rapport.
Starts at slightest sound.
Unusually active, going as if on wings.
Restlessness, cannot keep still, but feels greatly relieved by clutching hands very tight.
Consumptive languor ; great general depression of vitality.
Very tired.
Faintness early in morning with no appetite.
Sensation as if she would faint, followed by a great heat down spine and between shoulders.
Trembling all over, great nervousness and profound exhaustion.
Great general subjective trembling, even tongue felt trembling.
Sensation of creeping things throughout body continually.
Quivering sensation, with tingling and numbness.
Tonic spasm, rigid extension of arms and legs, the hands everted, palms outward, thumbs down, fingers clawlike.
Epileptiform spasms with foaming at mouth, rigidity of body and limbs ; violent regurgitation at heart with absence of mitral cluck.
State of collapse, nearly gone ; wants to be fanned all the time, wants more air ; cold and pulseless, with cold perspiration ; throws off all covers.
Risus sardonicus.
Medorrhinum, in the same sphere, is characterized by great disturbance and irritability of the nervous system from center to periphery.
Its pains are intolerable, tensive, shooting, neuralgic.
It produces tension, involuntary tension, which cannot be relaxed except by voluntary effort of the will.
Its nerves are easily shocked, it is easily startled at the slightest sound.
Its restlessness is > by clutching the hands very tight.
Its nerves quiver, tingle, tremble and produce spasms.
It is also cold, yet throws the cover off and wants to be fanned.
It is < warmth, even when too cold to be fanned.
It is < by warmth, even when too cold to touch, as in collapse.
It is also < by wet, damp, drafts and thunder storms.
As to time, it is worse from daylight to sunset ; worse mornings and bright evenings.
Its functional disturbance covers a long period before organic destruction begins.
Its general condition is > near the seashore and < inland.

Sleep :
Sleepy, yawning, chilly ; sleepy but cannot sleep.
Spasmodic yawning, cannot suppress it ; followed by spasm of glottis.
Asleep, but hears everything, answers questions as if she was awake.
Bites tip of tongue in sleep.
Feels as if she would have nightmare.
Sleeps at night on her knees, with face forced in pillow ; kneeling position.
Can only sleep on back with hands over head ; if she lies on either side ; the contents of lower part of chest and abdomen seem to press upon each other and cause discomfort.
When asleep day or night, no matter how short a time, profuse perspiration on face and neck.
Sleep with wearing dreams of walking ; waking with impression that she had slept for hours, although it was only thirty minutes.
Such restless nights and terrible dreams of ghosts and dead people, she dreads night to come.
Dreams : horrid ; painful ; exhausting ; that she is drinking.
Woke at night and saw a woman of pleasant face, dressed in grey, standing by bedside, wiping a tumbler ; she backed from me miles away, becoming very small.
Wakeful ; slept towards morning.
Great restlessness at night, sleepy but could not sleep.
Becomes wide awake at 6 P. M. and continues so till 12, with entire passivity of brain and cessation of thought ; slight restlessness.
Restless sleep, talking and tossing all night, with copious sweat of head, neck and chest, had to dry her hair several times in the night.
Slept well but woke at an early hour with a frightened sensation as if something dreadful had happened ; the weight on the head was heavy, and great heat in it ; could not rest in bed ; felt as if she must do something to rid her mind of this fearful torture ; for two hours was in this state of mind ; she struggled against it ; fought with what seemed to be the adversary ; scolded herself for her weakness ; all to no purpose, and grew weak with the effort ; she cannot describe the mental agony she endured.

Time :
Aggravation from daylight to sunset ; always brighter in evening.
Morning : soreness and crawling in left nostril ; bad taste ; tongue thickly coated ; foul breath ; gleety discharge ; soreness of heart ; small sharp pains in soles when first attempting to step on them ; early faintness.
At 10 A. M. : chill, chattering, shivering.
At 10:30 A. M. : headache < ; fever with thirst.
At 11 A. M. : pain in region of suprarenal capsules.
From 10 to 11 A. M. : cold feet and legs.
From 10 A. M. to 12 : nervous during fever, moving fingers.
From 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. : fever and malaise <.
From 10:30 A. M. to 12:30 P. M. : thirst during chill.
At 11 A. M. : chill, beginning with great coldness of fingers and toes ; fever, preceded by cold feet.
At 2 P. M. : feet cold first, after chill excessive languor.
At 5 P. M. : chill, followed by fever and slight sweat ; next day same, but slighter.
From midnight to 3 A. M. : fever, with nervous restlessness.
Day : frequent and intense erections.
Afternoon : fever.
After 5 or 6 P. M. : cannot retain urine more than an hour.
At 6 P. M. : became wide awake until 12 P. M.
Evening : sharp pain through temples ; itching <.
Night : headache ; aching in cartilage of ear ; intense and frequent erections ; cannot retain urine ; dryness, soreness and choking very severe ; incessant dry cough ; cough <, causing retching ; sensation of a boil coming on back of hand ; aching in legs ; cramp in soles and calves ; restless sleep ; rapid pulse ; sweats.

Temperature and Weather :
In sun, walking ; left lung becomes very hot.
Too much heat : < urination in bed at night.
After getting warm in bed : when urinating, must do so every hour rest of night.
Entering warm room : cough.
Wants hands fanned and uncovered.
Wants to be fanned all the time, wants more air, state of collapse ; hands and feet must be fanned.
Sensitive to drafts of air, takes cold easily.
When wind blows on parietal bone : pain.
Salt water bathing : sore throat and cold in head <.
After getting wet : chill, followed by fever and slight sweat.
Damp weather : pains in limbs >.
Getting cold : incontinence of urine.
Craving for ice : during kidney attack.
Piece of ice cools chest for an instant, then it is hotter.
Inland : chronic rheumatism in joints <, > near shore.

Fever :
Creeping chills running down back and all over body in a zigzag course.
Chills : up and down back ; several times a day : 10 A. M., some chattering and shivering ; at 10:30 A. M., fever with thirst, began in fingers and toes ; from 10:30 to 12:30, thirst during chill, none during fever ; from 10 to 11 A. M., cold feet and legs, from 10 to 12, nervous during fever, moving fingers ; at 11 A. M., beginning with great coldness of fingers and toes ; at 2 P. M., feet cold first, after chill excessive languor ; at 5 P. M., followed by fever and slight sweat (after getting wet) ; repeated next day, but slighter.
Shivering chills, with boring pains in chest.
Cold hands, with coldness extending all over body.
Coldness of legs up to knee, also of hands and forearms.
Flashes of heat alternating with chills.
Coldness : right hand, then left ; a slight flush of heat succeeded, then sensation of a foreign substance in right eye, then in left.
Must be fanned all the time, throws clothes off, yet surface is cold ; burning, mostly subjective, of hands and feet, wants them uncovered and fanned.
Great general internal heat after dinner, as if blood was boiling hot in veins, same after slight exertion.
Great burning heat all over body, with flashes of heat in face and neck.
Fever : with or without thirst ; with gushes of perspiration on face, followed by languor ; with nervous restlessness from midnight to 3 A. M. ; at 11 A. M. preceded by cold feet ; fell asleep during fever ; after fever, sweat on palms, feet and legs ; with rapid pulse at night ; in afternoon ; and malaise < from 10 to 1.
Hectic fever ; every afternoon.
Great tendency to perspire on exertion ; sensitive to cold.
Profuse sweat about neck.
Night sweats.
Chills for four months every day, commencing from 3 to 4 P. M. ; chill with headache, thirst, nausea, sometimes vomiting, fever with headache, thirst, nausea, principally on head and neck ; pains from waist downwards ; frequent urination, dark color ; frequent, tasteless eructations ; constipation ; but taste in mouth in morning.
Chill came first at night, afterwards at various hours ; for instance, on two consecutive days at 2 P. M., then two days at 3, 4, 5 and 6 each, then at 7 P. M., where it remained for two weeks ; chill commenced in small of back, running up and down, lasted about an hour, and as it ceased, profuse and frequent urination appeared and continued during fever ; congestion of chest simulating pneumonia during fever, causing great alarm ; great renal distress during paroxysm ; thirst during fever for hot drinks ; fever continued for six or eight hours ; profuse sweat after fever ; great nervousness during paroxysm, was sure he would die ; intolerance of noise ; irritable.

Attacks, Periodicity :
In close succession : pains in ear.
Alternately : flashes of head and chills.
Several times during day : sudden attacks of vertigo ; chill up and down back.
Takes half hour to empty bladder.
Every day for four months ; chills commencing from 3 to 4 P. M.
Every afternoon : hectic fever ; about 5 P. M., oppression of breathing.
Nightly : passes enormous quantity of urine in bed.
Chill came first at night, afterwards at various hours ; on two consecutive days at 2 P. M., then two days at 3, 4, 5, 6 each, then 7 P. M., where it remained for two weeks.
For six or eight hours : fever.
For forty-eight hours : violent retching and vomiting.
For three nights : cannot sleep, pain in carbuncular boils.
For several days : entire loss of smell.
For three days : intense headache, inflammation of eyes.
For six days : child hard of hearing.
For a whole week : heat in medulla and spine.
Six months after chancrelike ulcer on prepuce there came for several months successive crops of vesicles on prepuce.
For ten months : gonorrhea.
For seven years : < during winter, old standing foot sweats.
For twenty years : gleety gonorrheal discharge.

Locality and Direction :
Right : neuralgia in temple : in eye ; headache in temple ; as of a worm crawling in ear ; soreness of concha ; quick, darting pains in ear ; fever-blisters near corner of upper lip ; neuralgia of upper and lower jaws ; hard swelling in upper jaw ; as of a tumor in side of abdomen ; tensive pain in side of abdomen ; darting pain from centre of ovarian region to lower edge of liver ; cutting in lower abdomen, running into spermatic cord ; testes very tender, distinct bubbling sensation in kidney ; sensation of three bubbles in renal region ; heavy, drawing, wandering pains in arm and hip ; tense pain passing diagonally in ovary ; small chancres on edges of labia ; pain in upper part of lung ; pain in right shoulder as though it came from left ; darting pain from centre of lung to lower edge of liver ; cold pain in lung ; sharp stitching pain in bottom of lung ; lung cold ; sharp pain along edge of sternum ; mild heat spreading over right side ; pain in bottom of lung ; sensation of enlarged gland in side of neck ; pain under scapula ; throbbing and thumping in region of suprarenal capsule, seeming to come from just below fifth rib ; creeping chills in region of kidney ; rheumatic pain in shoulder and arm ; severe pain from abscess of liver, extending to shoulder and down elbow ; crampy pain in first and second fingers of hand ; dropping of leg ; cramp in leg ; between knee and thigh ; soreness of great toe ; pain, swelling and inflammation of great toe ; pain like rheumatism along nape, whole side, hip, upper leg. Left : neuralgia in temple and eye ; aching over eye ; pain in parietal bone ; tensive pains in side of head ; ptosis of outer end of upper lid ; pulling pain in lower lid ; itching, aching or burning pain in ear ; ringhole in ear sore ; soreness of outer wing of nostril ; crawling in nostril ; fever sore on lower lip near commissure ; swelling in region of submaxillary gland ; mild cramp in calf ; hot swelling on side of anus ; heavy drawing, wandering pains in calf ; great deal of pain in ovary ; ovary seemed enlarged ; soreness and nervous pain in a spot on side of uterus ; swelling of breast ; oppression < on side ; sharp pain in bottom of lung ; aching in back of lung ; an old sore spot in top of lung aroused ; fatigue of lung ; walking in sun, lung becomes excessively hot ; pain in upper chest ; aching in lung under scapula ; sharp pain in edge of sternum and lung ; lung very painful, feels drawn towards right side ; side of chest from top of lung to waist hot as fire ; bottom of lung sore to pressure ; dull, heavy pain at top of lung ; intense boring below scapula ; sore spot size of silver dollar begins at top of lung, extends through to lower part of back ; after having slept on side, soreness of heart ; great pain in cardiac plexus, extending to arm ; intense pain in side of chest ; pain from sore spot below scapula to heart ; dull pain in heart, with pain in arm ; burning in arm ; sensation of an abscess in chest ; great soreness of muscles of lower chest ; ribs sore to touch ; occasional creeping sensation in region of kidney ; pain in region of kidney darting over hip ; rheumatic pain in top of shoulder ; itching eruption on shoulder ; pain commencing under scapula, running down arm to little finger ; forearm and hand numb ; pain in arm and sensation in hand as is swollen ; numbness down arm ; numb pain in arm ; sensation of a boil coming on back of hand ; pains across middle knuckles of hand ; middle finger swollen ; sharp pain over hip ; numbness of leg ; pain in knee when walking ; trembling in leg ; contraction of muscle under knee and in calf ; knotting of muscle in calf ; sudden intense pain in ankle, back of joint ; sore swelling under foot ; pains like rheumatism in lower leg ; leg swollen near knee ; numb sensation in arm, hand and leg ; leg goes to sleep ; itching sometimes confined to side.
From without inward ; pain in right ear.
First right hand cold, then left.
From left to right : pain in shoulders ; burning and itching of hands.

Sensations :
Of falling ; as if intoxicated ; as if occiput was enlarged ; head as if tightening ; as of a tight band across forehead ; as if front half of brain would come through forehead ; as if skin was drawn tight ; as if she would go crazy ; as of three points of tension in head, as if large cords were drawn to each ; as if tensive pains would break ; as if head had been struck ; as if occipital protuberances were enlarged ; as if eyes were pulling out of head ; as if she stared at everything ; as if eyes protruded ; as a sand under lids ; as of sticks in eyes, lids and inner canthi ; as of a cool wind blowing in eyes ; as if upper lid had a cartilage in it ; as if a tube went through head ; as if parchment was drawn over ear ; as of a worm crawling in right ear, as if it commenced boring in anterior wall of auditory canal ; as if mucous membrane of nose was hypertrophied ; as of a centipede crawling in left nostril ; mouth as if burnt ; throat as if scraped ; as of a paper of pins in pit of stomach that seemed to force themselves through flesh ; as if heart palpitated in pit of stomach ; as if a lump in stomach ; cramps in stomach as from wind ; sensation in liver as if caused by icy cold insects with claws ; as of a heavy weight in lower abdomen ; as of a tumor in right side of abdomen ; pressure as of a hard, biconvex body in abdomen ; beating as of a pulse in abdomen ; as if there was a large lump on posterior surface of sphincter ani ; as of passage of calculus in ureter ; after urinating, a feeling as if something more remained in urethra ; as if a sac was distended in left ovary and if pressed would burst ; pain in left groin as if leg pushed something ; left ovary as if enlarged ; as if she must press ovary ; cutting as if with knives in pelvis region pain as if menses were coming on ; choking as if epiglottis was closed ; as if lining of larynx and pharynx was torn off ; larynx as if ulcerated ; as of a lump in larynx ; as if thorax was too full ; as if larynx would be torn to pieces ; as if bronchial tubes were enlarged ; as if lining membrane was a loose fold of tissue ; chest as if painfully contracted ; lung as if beaten or bruised ; as if her breath was fanning a blistered sore in lung ; as if there was a cavity extending from side to side in chest, filled with burning air, which dilated in puffs in all directions ; pain in right shoulder as though it came from left straight through ; left lung as if collapsed or paralyzed ; as if lung was drawn up in hand and let loose ; left lung as if drawn toward right side as if something had grown to sore spot in front of chest and was drawing back ; heart as if large ; as of a cavity where heart ought to be ; pain as if radiating in different parts of left side of chest ; as if heart was swollen ; as of an abscess on left chest ; between pectoralis major an minor ; as of an enlarged gland in right side of neck, under upper part of sternocleido-mastoid ; pains in shoulders as if bones would be crushed ; as of water dropping out of a bottle in lumbar region ; pricking in left little finger as if asleep ; left hand as if swollen ; as if a boil was coming on back of hand ; left leg as if paralyzed ; creeping chills in region of right kidney, as if caused by icy cold insects with claws ; as if she would faint ; as of creeping things throughout body ; as if she would have nightmare ; as if contents of lower part of chest and abdomen seemed to press upon each other ; as of a foreign substance in right eye, then in left ; as if blood was boiling hot in veins ; as if she had taken a severe cold ; sore all over as if bruised ; as if all bones were out of joint.
Pain : in forehead ; in temples ; over eyes ; in centre of brain ; in left parietal bone ; circling through head and around crown ; in back of head ; in right eye ; in eyes ; up Eustachian tube and out of both ears ; in renal region ; at end of penis ; in left ovary ; in lower abdomen ; in upper part of right lung ; in right shoulder ; in left upper chest through to shoulders ; from upper lung to sore spot below left scapula ; in heart and lungs ; in heart from sore spot below left scapula to heart ; in left arm ; through chest and mammæ ; in nape and between scapulæ, running on to either side, shoulder and down to lumbar region ; in back between scapulæ ; under right scapula ; straight through from left to right shoulder ; in region of left kidney ; in lumbar portion of spine ; in back of hip, running around abdomen and down limbs ; in sacrum and coccyx ; commencing under left scapula, running down arm to little finger ; in left arm ; when bending middle finger of left hand ; in both legs, from hips down to knees ; in left knee ; of right great toe ; from waist downwards.
Intolerable pains ; in carbuncular boils.
Intense, agonizing pain ; in solar plexus.
Terrible pains ; all through head ; in liver.
Intense pain ; in head, in cerebral region ; in stomach and upper abdomen ; in abdomen ; in heart ; in left ankle, back of joint.
Awful pain ; in middle lobes.
Violent pain : in region of kidneys.
Extreme pain : in urethra.
Intense, excruciating neuralgic pains : in pelvic region.
Intense neuralgic pains : from teeth to head.
Severe pain : in back of head ; all over head ; from abscess of liver to right shoulder and elbow ; in ureters ; on deglutition ; from abscess extending to right shoulder and down to elbow ; in muscles and bones of stump of amputated leg.
Sharp pain : through temples ; in occiput ; in bottom of left lung ; along right edge of sternum, changing to left edge and then into lung ; around heart, thence to head ; at apex of heart ; in elbow ; over left hip ; in knees.
Great pain : in chest ; in cardiac plexus, extending to left arm and throat.
Hard pain : in frontal region.
Tearing pains : in abdomen.
Sharp, cutting pain : across root of penis.
Sharp, shooting pains : in swelling in region of submaxillary glands.
Short, shooting pains : in breasts.
Acute, sharp, quick, or dull quick pain in heart.
Quick, darting pain : in right ear.
Darting pain : from centre of right ovarian region to lower edge of liver ; in abdomen ; through scapulæ ; through lung, which makes her start ; from centre of right lung to lower edge of liver ; over left hip.
Boring pain : in left ear ; intense, in chest and below left scapula.
Shooting pains : through toes ; about three inches long in various directions and all over body.
Cutting : in right lower abdomen, running into spermatic cord ; in pelvic region.
Neuralgia ; in temples and parietal bone ; left eye ; around middle part of cranium ; in eyeballs ; of right upper and lower jaws to temple ; in head.
Sharp, stitching pain ; in bottom of right lung ; over surface of both lungs.
Sharp, needlelike pains in rectum.
Terrible, bearing down, laborlike pains : during menses.
Intense menstrual and renal colic.
Intense burning pain : in head.
Grasping pains : in liver and spleen.
Contracting pain : from superior angles of scapulæ, passing to seventh dorsal vertebra and down same to ninth.
Dull, pinching pain : in region of suprarenal capsules.
Cramping pain : in first and second fingers of right hand.
Gnawing, aching pain : in abdomen.
Short, pulling pains : in knees, toes, ankle joints and hands.
Pulling pain : in left lower lid from outer canthus ; in sacrum and pubic region ; extending up to knees.
Heavy, drawing, wandering pains : in right arm. right hip and left calf.
Drawing pains : in every direction of chest ; on back of hand, from every direction ; in limbs.
Rheumatic pains : in top of left shoulder ; in right shoulder and arm ; in hands ; across middle knuckles of left hand ; of legs ; in muscles of legs ; along right nape, whole right side, right hip, left leg.
Most distressing aching : in bones.
Severe aching pain : in left ovary.
Dull, heavy pain : at top of left lung.
Dull pain : in broad ring around head : in cerebellum ; in epigastric region ; in left heart.
Small, sharp pain : in soles.
Little darts of pain : in left shoulder.
Cramps : in stomach ; in soles and calves ; in right leg between knee and thigh.
Mild cramp : in left calf.
Clawing : in stomach ; like cold insects in right kidney.
Gnawing feeling : in stomach.
Painful shock : at base of each lung.
Tensive pain : in left side of head as far back as parietal eminence and to middle of crown ; in right side of abdomen ; all over body from head to foot.
Tense pains : diagonally in right ovary.
Numb pain : in left arm.
Cold pain : in right lung and liver.
Weak, stiff aching : in back.
Heavy throbbings : in heart ; all over body.
Painful tenesmus : of bladder and bowels.
Painful eruption : around waist.
Burning pain : in lower part of back ; in hips.
Smarting : of eyelids.
Burning heat : from liver round to back ; in left ovary ; in back of neck and down spine.
Burning glow : in cerebellum and down spine.
Burning : in both nostrils : in pit of stomach ; on urination, in meatus ; over chest ; in heart, through to back and down into left arm ; of hands, in palms ; soles of feet ; in chest.
Heat : in temporal region ; under lids ; in abdomen ; in left ovary ; in chest ; in left side of chest from top of lung to waist ; of heart ; from chest through to back of shoulder ; in medulla and spine ; down spine and between shoulders.
Flushes of heat : in face and neck.
Soreness : of edges of eyelids ; of outer wing of left nostril ; in left nostril ; of teeth ; of mouth ; of pharynx ; of throat ; through urethra ; of testes ; in one spot in lower part of uterus ; of nipples ; of breasts ; of larynx ; in heart, chest and mammæ ; in ball of foot under toes ; of great toes ; all over body.
Excoriated sensation : in glottis.
Sore feeling : throughout chest ; under left foot.
Sore spot : on top of left lung, size of silver dollar, begins at top of left lung and like a red hot bolt extends through to lower part of back.
Slight pain : in bottom of right lung.
Pricking sensation : all over body.
Tingling : through body.
Tenderness : of brain : of spine, from cerebellum to kidneys ; of testes ; of breasts : of spinal column ; of soles ; of heels and balls of feet.
Hot numbness : of backs of hands.
Simmering : in head.
Dragging : of testes.
Constricted sensation : at bottom of both lungs.
Contracting, drawing and relaxing : in region of kidneys.
Contraction : extending from eyes and meeting in brain ; down whole length of spine ; of muscles under left knee and in left calf.
Contractive stiffness : extending from spine to head and seeming to thicken scalp.
Drawing : in cords of neck ; under knees and in ankles.
Discomfort : in left forearm and hand ; in chest and abdomen from lying on side.
Distress : in renal region.
Bursting sensation : in heart.
Stiffness : in jaws and tongue : of pharynx ; throughout body and joints of both ankles.
Stuffed feeling : in chest.
Suffocative sensation : in thorax.
Pressure : back of eyes ; in vertex ; in lower abdomen ; in bladder.
Oppression : of chest ; of heart.
Weight : in vertex.
Heavy feeling : in head ; in limbs.
Tightness : extending from eyes and meeting in brain, extends down whole length of spine ; in stomach.
Twitching and drawing in : of limbs and cords of neck.
Throbbing and thumping : in region of right suprarenal capsule.
Trobbing ; in temporal region ; in sides of stomach ; in region of liver ; from knees down.
Pulsation : in ears.
Bubbling sensation : in right kidney.
Fluttering : about heart.
Quivering : in body.
Trembling : at pit of stomach ; of limbs ; in legs from knees down ; all over ; of tongue.
Tickling : in ears ; under upper part of sternum.
Singular sensation : through chest.
Sensation of action : in bones of nose.
Restlessness : at night.
Numbness : down left arm ; of left middle finger ; in left leg from knees to hip ; in left arm, hand and leg ; through body.
Lightness : of head.
Sinking and agonizing sickness : at stomach.
Deathly feeling : in kidneys.
Sinking sensation : under sternum.
Faintness : early in morning.
Weakness : after nocturnal emission.
Fatigue : of left lung.
Dryness : of eyelids ; of mouth ; of throat ; of larynx ; of glottis.
Creeping sensation : in region of left kidney.
Itching ; of scalp ; in nose ; of eyebrows ; over left eye ; of ears ; in occiput ; in cerebellum and medulla ; in base of brain ; in eyeballs ; in left ear ; in cartilage of ear ; across kidneys ; in sacrum and down back of legs to feet ; in back part of left lung ; in left lung under scapula ; in bones of arm ; in hip joints and knees ; in lower limbs ; of vagina and labia ; of eruption on left shoulder ; in side of elbow joints ; of hands ; at roots of and between fingers ; in soles ; between toes ; of eruption around waist ; all over body ; of eruption on limbs ; from knees up, on forearms and around waist.
Chilliness ; when bladder is too full.
Cold numbness ; on outer side of arms, just below elbow.
Coldness ; of end of nose ; of right arm ; extending all over body ; of legs up to knees ; of hands and forearms ; of fingers and toes.

Tissues :
Great heat and soreness, with enlargement of lymphatic glands all over body.
Sensation as if she had taken a severe cold, with most distressing aching in bones ; throat very sore and swollen, deglutition of either liquids or solids impossible.
There is scarcely a spot on body from head to foot but what is full of pain, of tensive and letting go character, accompanied by heat ; this heat is a sensation, burning hot, but not perceived on surface by touch.
Sore all over al if bruised.
The pains seem to tighten the whole body, especially feet and thighs.
Feeling as if all the bones were out of joint in getting up ; shakes herself to get them into place.
Obstinate rheumatism.
Sequelæ of acute articular rheumatism ; walks leaning on a cane, bent over ; muffled in wraps to ears, looking like a broken down man apparently soon to fall into his grave.
Carbuncular boils that seem small, discharge slowly and show dark red streaks ; pains are intolerable, could not sleep for three nights.
Leukemia, of Grauvogl and Virchow, occurring in children of sycotic parents.
A girl of 17, of tubercular history, with the same rheumatic order of symptoms, with epistaxis, hemoptysis, albuminuria, endocarditis, with suffocative attacks and violent palpitations ended in permanent disablement.
Glandular enlargement in various parts of the body, with rachitis, is traced to hereditary gonorrhea ; patients are better at the seaside. - Gilbert.
Wildes thinks that the suppression of favus when derived from gonorrhea in the father leads to hydrocephalus, capillary bronchitis, obstinate teething diarrheas and cholera infantum ; if derived from the grandfather, suppression leads to consumption and lingering diseases.
Fiery red rash developing about the anus in babies a few days old ; constipation with hard dry stools ; when the nurses say "Baby's water scalds it terribly", the indications for Medorrhinum are clear.
He regards the latent and gonorrheal taint as the true explanation of many of the disease manifestations included by Hahnemann under psora.
Among other diseases he traces vascular meningitis and cerebro-spinal meningitis in infants to the same source.
Burnett appears to confirm this as he traces gout and some forms of rheumatism to a sycotic origin.
Sycotic children (born so), when one or both parents have gonorrhea, have cholera infantum, marasmus, are pining children.
Noeggerath says latent gonorrhea in husband may cause in wife acute and chronic perimetritis oophoritis ; if impregnation results, abortion follows, or only one child is born ; exceptionally two or three.
I have traced epithelioma, phthisis, cauliflower excrescences, sterility, and erosions to a sycotic origin ; pernicious anemia often has gonorrhea as its base ; suppressed gonorrhea may produce iritis, syphilis produces it without suppression.
The suppression of the external manifestations of gonorrhea seems, first to involve the central nervous system functionally, and is much later in attacking the organism destructively.

Touch. Passive Motion. Injuries :
Touch : soreness of right concha ; soreness of vesicles on prepuce ; nipples and breasts very tender ; chest sore ; small spot below left scapula very sensitive ; chest sensitive ; whole length of backbone, also ribs of left side and lumbar vertebræ sensitive ; of garment, or lock of hair, nervous sensibility.
Pressure : of eyelids together causes neuralgic pains in eyeballs ; on left ovary ; could not bear ; bottom of left lung sore ; on spine, pain in kidneys and hips < ; on flesh causes hivelike eruptions.
Rubbing : intense itching in nose.
Scratching : red spots on limbs itch.
Motion of cars : headache and diarrhea.
Straining when lifting causes lumbago.

Skin :
Great yellowness of skin.
Intense and incessant itching, fugitive, < towards night, sometimes confined to left side.
Itching all over body, most on back, vagina and labia, and < thinking of it.
Intense itching all over body, would scratch till it bled, but no relief ; no visible eruption.
Pricking sensation all over body.
Red spots itching when scratched and on undressing at night, on limbs, particularly from knees up, on forearms and around waist.
Copper colored spots (syphilitic) remaining after eruptions, turn yellow brown and detach in scales, leaving skin clear and free.
Small, pedunculated warts, with pin heads like small button mushrooms on various parts of body and thighs.
Itching : intense, incessant, fugitive ; of vulva, vagina ; frequently erratic, changes place, but not > by scratching ; < towards night ; < when thinking of it.
An eruption of roseolous patches appeared on the body, abdomen and chest, so exactly like those of typhoid that the possibility of this was discussed.
Girl of even had been treated by many physicians with salves and ointments to the general impairment of her health.
Face mottled with a profusion of red scufy sores ; eyelids involved and nearly denuded of lashes ; hairy scalp one diffuse mass of thick yellow scabs, from beneath which oozed a highly offensive mixture of ichor and sebum.
Passing down neck, back, perineum and involving genitals and pubes was a fiery red band as broad as a child's hand, oozing a pale yellow serum, which caused the clothing to stick to the body.
Told the mother he could cure the case but it would certainly get worse the first three months.
Medorrhinum cm. was given, one dose dry on the tongue.
The external appearance grew rapidly worse, but appetite, sleep and general health steadily improved, and in nine months she was completely cured.
Child of six since infancy horribly disfigured with tinea capitis.
Scalp a mass of dense crusts exuding a fetid ichor.
The only semblance of hair being a few distorted stumps ending in withered roots.
One dose cured in a few months, and at the time of writing patient was a healthy and extremely talented young lady, and the possessor of a luxuriant head of chestnut hair.

Characteristics :
For the constitutional effects of maltreated and suppressed gonorrhea, when the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve.
For persons suffering from gout, rheumatism, neuralgia and diseases of the spinal cord and its membranes even organic lesions ending in paralysis which can be traced to a sycotic origin.
For women, with chronic ovaritis, salpingitis, pelvic cellulitis, fibroids, cysts, and other morbid growths of the uterus and ovaries, especially if symptoms point to malignancy, with or without sycotic origin.
For scirrhus, carcinoma or cancer, either acute or chronic in development, when the symptoms correspond and a history of sycosis can be traced.
Bears the same relation in deep-seated sycotic chronic affections of spinal and sympathetic nervous system that Psorinum does to deep-seated affections of skin and mucous membranes.
Children, pale, rachitic ; dwarfed and stunted in growth (Bar. c.) ; mentally, dull and weak.
Great heat and soreness, with enlargement of lymphatic glands all over body.
Spinal curvatures or more or less pronounced traces of rachitis.
Consumptive languor ; fatigue ; great general depression of vitality.
Pains : arthritic, rheumatic, a sequel of suppressed gonorrhea (Daph. od., Clem.) ; constricting, seem to tighten the whole body (Cac.) ; sore all over as if bruised (Arn., Eup.).
Trembling all over (subjective), intense nervousness and profound exhaustion.
State of collapse, wants to be fanned all the time (Cerbo v.) ; craves fresh air ; skin cold, yet throws off the covers (Camph., Sec.) ; cold, and bathed with cold perspiration (Ver.).
Insatiate craving : for liquor, which before she hated (A. S. A. R.), for salt (Cal., Nat.) ; for sweets (Sulph., Tub.) ; for beer, ice, acids, oranges, green fruits, coffee grounds.
Nocturnal enuresis ; passes enormous quantity of ammoniacal, high-colored urine in bed every night ; < by overwork or overplay, extremes of heat or cold ; when with a history of sycosis the best selected remedy has failed to cure.
Intensely restless and fidgety legs and feet.
Burning of hands and feet, wants them not only uncovered, but fanned (Lach., Sulph.).

Relations :
Antidoted by : Nux vom., nervous and general symptoms and the aggravations from an overdose or too frequent repetition ; Ipecac (dry cough).
Compatible : Aloe, Sulph., Tuber. (especially early morning diarrhea, stool driving out of bed).
Compare : Pic. ac., Gels., inability to walk, legs tire and give out ; priapism ; Camph., Secale, Tab., Ver. (in collapse, skin cold, covered with cold sweat, throws off all covering) ; Amb., Anac., Cal., Can. i., Con., Cup., Stram., Val., Ziz. (as if in a dream).

Aggravation :
When thinking of it (Helon., Ox. ac.) ; heat, covering ; stretching out ; leaning head forward ; thunderstorm ; least movement ; sweets ; salt bathing ; early morning (three to four A. M.) ; common to this remedy and all sycotics ; in the mountains ; in the sun ; armth of bed ; entering a warm room ; from warmth, even when cold to the touch ; from daylight to sunset (rev. of syph., which is worse from sunset to sunrise).

Amelioration :
At the seashore ; lying on the face or stomach ; damp weather (Caust., Nux) ; by leaning far back (constipation, can only pass stool in this position).
In summer, 1875, I had an obstinate case of acute articular rheumatism in a man æt. 60, from June 11th to September 5th ; he suffered excruciating agony from neuralgia.
After a desperate battle for life the first week of September, he was relieved, and arose from his bed a wreck.
It was expected that time and out-door life and the best hygienic measures would restore him.
But weeks and months passed without change, he walked the streets leaning on a cane, bent over, muffled in wraps to his ears, and looking like an old man about to fall into the grave.
Three months after my attendance I saw him pass my office, and considering his previous good health and robust frame the question arose : Why does he remain in this condition ? Is there any miasm hereditary or acquired uncured to explain the obstinacy of the case ? Could it be a gonorrhea taint ? For reasons unnecessary to mention I could not ask him.
Dr. Swan's suggestion now occurred to me : An obstinate case of rheumatism might be due to latent gonorrhea, and Medorrhinum high will cure it ; in many cases where improvement reaches a certain stage, and then stops, Medorrhinum has removed the obstruction and the case progressed to a cure ; and this too in cases where gonorrhea appeared to be a most unlikely cause, teaching us, if anything, the universality of latent gonorrhea and the curative power of the dynamic virus.
His wife consulted me on other matters, and said "her husband was as well as could be expected considering his age ; she believed he would not do anything more, as he regarded his feeble state due to his age."
However, he came next day, and I gave him three doses of Medorrhinum, to be taken every morning ; within ten days he returned feeling well and looking well.
I then gave him one dose to be taken after some time ; this was the prescription he has required.
Within the month, after the Medorrhinum, he dropped his cane and muffler, walked the street erect with a firm step a perfectly well man, having increased in weight from 140 to 212 pounds.